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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  February 22, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PST

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commute, live shot of the bay bridge toll plaza. i'll have the details coming up. >> records could fall. i thought it was colder yesterday. >> let's talk about the cold this morning. i obviously didn't pay attention to the weather forecast. >> thanks for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. we have a clear picture emerging at new zealand in the aftermath of a powerful earthquake. but first more on the cold. >> some records that could fall? >> that could fall. i'll show you how much farther we could go this morning. we're in the mid to upper 30s around concord, livermore, fairfield, napa, san rafael. santa rosa around 33 degrees the cool spot. 36 los gatos. everybody else in the low to mid-40s. we have a little breeze right now and just that little bit of a breeze that's keeping our temperature up in napa.
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28, santa rosa 29. livermore would have to drop to 33. san jose, right at the record. we'll talk about those snow levels. here's kristen and eric. >> right now we want to get to new zealand where they are working with the aftermath after a powerful earthquake. jenelle wang is live in the news room. >> 65 people are confirmed dead and the prime minister in new zealand warns the death toll could rise significantly. he's calling it the country's darkest day. the 6.3 earthquake hit during the lunchtime rush on tuesday in the city of christ church, the second largest city in new zealand. it has about 400,000 residents. many are still trapped or feared dead among the rubble. the water supply is jeopardized
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and the airport in christ church is currently closed at this time. she has been following the developments all day and all night. are you there? >> yes, i am, jenelle. >> you've been following this all day. what are you seeing and hearing in new zealand. >> let me paint a picture for what it's like for people in san francisco. it could be right around where the san francisco zoo is just a few miles below the surface there and rippling toward san francisco toward the business district. christ church doesn't have a business district like san francisco with the big high rises but they have low rise buildings and one standing is 17 floors. that's a tall building for christ church. there's a lot of old masonry. a lot are old buildings and there's new buildings. it's in those new buildings where most of the people are still missing are being searched for. they say there's around 100
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people unaccounted for in six different sites and the crews are working in the cold and the wet. it is summer here in new zealand but it's still a cold, drizzly wet night in christ church. >> this is a busy area. i know it's a popular tourist destination, too. >> it is indeed. i've been down to this exact neighborhood. i know exactly where it is. and this is really very much the central business district of christ church. you'll no doubt see pictures of a very iconic cathedral. it's one of the most famous in new zealand. it's the symbol of christ church. it lost its spire today. there might be people inside that church who they're searching for. they don't know if this death toll will stop at 65 or some suspicion it will move into the hundreds. 100 missing and they have not been able to search all the houses of that been compromised by the earthquake in the
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outlying areas. >> one last question. i know this is the second quake, big quake to hit that region in the past five months. the other one was back in september. that was a 7.1. no fatalities there. they are calling this one maybe an aftershock. it's much smaller, 6.3. what are you hearing why this one is so devastating. >> well, because this one was much closer to the city center and it was much closer to the surface. the other one was about 20 kilometers below the surface, this one was 5 kilometers from the surface. much closer to the business district. such a sharp jolt, jenelle, the west coast is about three hours away from christ church. these pictures have probably not moved for you up in san francisco yet. they've just released them. there is a glacier that cleaved off a 3 million pound chunk that cleaved off into the lake. dramatic to see it.
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three hours away from christ church. >> so glad you're okay. thank you for joining us. get some rest. i know you're following all the developments for us here at abc 7. thank you noel. when we get more information i'll bring it to you in the next half hour. jenelle wang, abc 7 news. >> a quick calculation will have what noel said. this current quake was 3 miles underground and the previous one was 9 miles underground. help explain some of the damage there. 4:36 now. the emergency session later today to discuss the bloody crackdown on protestors in libya calling for the long-time resignation of moammer gadhafi. secretary of state hillary california is calling on qaddafi to stop the bloodshed and washington wants him to step
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down. the u.s. general says he's talked to qaddafi on the phone. >> i told them to stop. the demonstrators. and i said the importance of respecting human rights. >> the u.s. state department has intensified its travel warning for libya and is now ordering non-emergency personnel and family members of embassy workers to leave the country. italy and turkey are sending jets and ships to help evacuate their citizens today. >> the turmoil in libya having a direct impact on gasoline prices. moammer gadhafi struggled to maintain his grip. crude oil futures traited electronically were up 6%. the biggest one-day jump in almost three years. >> oakland police have a new
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warning for women after a series of more than a dozen recent robberies all with a link to a single grocery store in the oakland hills. terry mcsweeney joins us live from oakland with more. a dozen attacks now, terry? >> well, it's actually a half a dozen attacks to this point all in the past month, all coming out of this safeway store. the crimes don't happen here. the crooks follow these women home and they rob them there. take a look. again, six in the past month. police say it goes down the same way every time. a man right here in the store parking lot pretends to be talking on his cellphone, spots the victim, gets into a white s.u.v., and there's someone behind the wheel already and the two follow the women home and rob them in front of their house. shoppers we talked to had no idea this was going on. >> you're not saying from this particular store -- >> yes. >> is that right! my god, my husband's going to be
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upset now. >> if i have to go out at night, i'll bring one of my older sons with me. >> police are saying these generally happen between 6:00, 7:00, 8:00 in the evening. police say they're close to solving this. they say they have a strong lead after a robbery on february 8th. a neighbor surveillance camera caught the whole thing on tape. an arrest warrant has been issued for one of the suspects but so far they haven't been able to locate this guy. so until he is caught, the word is heads up, especially if you're at this safeway on redwood road near highway 13 in oakland. terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> thanks, terry. it's 4:39. ten police officers were rehired after being laid off last july. they have to undergo firearms training and learn about state standards since they were last on patrol. their return brings the number of police officers to 663 in
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oakland. that's six under the current authorized strength. >> in the east bay the mount diablo school board is set to meet tonight to consider closing more schools to save money. last week district officials agreed to close glenbrook middle school and wholebrook elementary. now a third school is on the chopping block. parents, teachers and students will wear blue today to show their opposition and they will also pack tonight's meeting to give board members an earful. >> a lot of people still up enjoying ski weekend. what a week up there. >> down here in terms of temperature and snow level. >> don't go up there for snow, mike. >> may not need to this weekend. may get to 500 feet. yesterday we were thinking of a thousand. another computer model brought even colder air in. something we're going to keep an eye on. we're keeping on eye on this area of low pressure. it banked to the south and took
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the clouds away from us and that's why it's so cold this morning. temperatures still running in the mid to upper 30s in our inland valleys to redwood city and san jose and los gatos. we have low to mid-40s from antioch, mountain view, fremont, oakland, san francisco and half moon bay. we'll see how today breaks down. just about total sunshine. not as breezy as yesterday and temperatures mainly the upper 30s to low 40s at 8:00. you see the sunshine by noon, upper 40s to low 50s to the coast from our inland neighborhoods. by 4:00 mid to upper 50s in most neighborhoods, maybe a little cooler out at the coast and 51 half moon bay. your accu-weather 7-day forecast, it will be dry again tomorrow and then the clouds and the chilly rain showers return thursday. that will change over to some snow thursday night. we'll have a wintry mix friday and then it's friday night into saturday when we can see the snow levels drop to 500 feet around the bay. sunday and monday looking dry
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and much warmer. frances, you found some fog. >> issued a fog advisory for the peninsula. they're saying visibility is down to 50 feet. look out for this if you're driving on 280 between san mateo and hillsborough and also highway 92 as you make your way between half moon bay and san mateo. as you take a look outside, you'll find light traffic this morning. no trouble across the san mateo bridge. let's check out contra costa county for commuters heading through walnut creek. it's also a quiet start this tuesday. southbound traffic moving well towards highway 24. eric, kristen. >> frances, thank you. it's 4:42. >> still ahead, the career change one san francisco supervisor is looking at. >> plus a terrible accident in southern california involving a church bus filled with children. >> and a landmark hotel in san francisco falls on hard times. the
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>> more news now. in southern california the crash of a church bus left one person dead and more than a dozen injured. it slipped over a snow which embankment over 189 in crest line in san bernardino county. it slammed into a power pole. two dozen people were on that bus, many middle school children. they were members of a pacific-based korean church coming home from a weekend retreat. >> knob hill south of market,
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the century old fair month hotel is south from the city. a city policy allowing some rooms being converted to condos expired last fall. the fairmont wants david chew to carve out a special exception. >> the revenues that we will generate from the sales of the residents will provide us with the capital to reinvest in the historic building. >> there has been a lot of controversy over this project. there are a lot of neighbors who think this is not particularly appropriate. there are likely hundreds of hotel workers that would be out of a job. >> these are challenging times for other knob hill hotels as well. the mark hopkins and huntington court are also up for sale. >> supervisor mark rukarin is to file papers to run for sheriff of san francisco. he was elected supervisor in
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2004 by voters in district 5 which includes the haight ash bury and westford edition. he worked as an investigator in the district attorney's office before becoming a city supervisor. >> an urgent call from blood banks around the nation and right here in the bay area. coming up, why donations are especially low this time of year. >> plus this year's maverick surf is looking more like a wipeout. >> how the oakland a's help women get into training camp. experts from a leading consumer publication
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maybe warmer than average dallas 55, atlanta 59. we're at freezing new york and d.c. and mid-40s seattle and portland. let's check out airport delays and so far doing okay. a little snow around chicago and heading south of detroit that may hit cleveland and also columbus, ohio. if you're heading that way it's going to be cold. whatever you need it. >> commuters in the washington d.c. and counties in maryland are expected to face long delays this morning. roads are strewn with cars and truck wrecks after rain, snow and freezing rain moved in last night. road crews were out all night to prep the roads. areas could get up to 8 inches of snow additionally today. it's part of a major no storm moving east. >> back here this morning hope is fading for the big maverick
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surf contest off half moon bay this winter. organizers are blaming it on la nina and the lack of swells needed for the competition. it's a far cry from last year when storms provided several opportunities to hold the contest. >> last season we voted four different times, so many different swells, so many great days that the guys had to surf. we actually voted four different times and the fourth time produced a fantastic event. this year we haven't voted once. >> the permit expires next monday. it can't be extended. the university of hawaii estimates the loss for local merchants and service providers could be as much as $24 million. >> haven't been able to get those swells in that they need. >> storms coming from the wrong area. storm track from the north, most of the winter so far when it's finally hitting us.
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hadn't been a right set yep. but we are seeing the right setup for snow this weekend that could drop to 500 feet. every time i come into work, yes the snow levels drop. if you have a question? >> no, was thinking of football. >> oh. sometimes he wants to say something. >> teacher, teacher! it's cold. >> definitely cold. thank you. yeah, look from mount tamalpais this morning where there's not much snow left, a lot of snow melted but hamilton definitely had some snow on it. let's talk about temperatures. they are running low to mid-40s we'll say for fremont, mountain view, half moon bay, san francisco. oakland the warmest spot 48. everybody else the mid to upper30s. monterey bay and inland mid to upper 30s. we also have a little warmer in monterey, 42. pretty easy highlights today, sunny and dry and that would also be tomorrow. the showers, they return on thursday to bring cooler air with them and the showers linger for friday and then saturday
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morning and into saturday morning, friday night into saturday morning, that snow level will drop down to 500 feet. some of us that haven't seen snow for a long time in our neighborhoods may see some that morning. it will melt during the afternoon hours. here's what happened while you were sleeping. low sliding down the coast. pulled away. that's what left it so clear and the cold outside. as far as our temperatures today, they're going to be warmer say about by 3 or 4 degrees. the south bay mid to upper 50s along the peninsula with mid-50s at the coast. that will spill into downtown and south san francisco. north bay coast the low 50s but mid to upper 50s in your valleys. over on the east bay shore we'll have mid to upper 50s. as you head into the east bay valleys, pretty decent day with mid to upper 50s. everybody getting total sunshine today. you're traveling around the state there, a lot of sunshine. trifecta, 57. fresno, sacramento and chico.
4:53 am
36 tahoe, low to mid-60s san diego, los angeles and palm springs. bring it back home for tonight. a wealth of 30s once again into palo alto, morgan hill, the rest of the bay shore and the low 40s out at the coast. here's what's going to happen. low sits here and gathers all this cold air and then by wednesday into thursday it starts to move in with those chilly rain showers and then look at that snow level drop friday night down to 500 feet. that's where we'll see some of the light stuff on the ground. here's a look at those temperatures. the highs will always make it into the mid to upper 40s friday and saturday. sunshine and the warming trend will begin sunday and spill into monday. good morning, frances. >> good morning, mike. good morning, everyone. because of the snow the last time, we still have mount hamilton road closed in the upper elevations until 8:00 this morning. on the freeways looking good, north 101 fine. we'll check out interstate 80 in
4:54 am
berkeley. westbound traffic light heading towards the bay bridge. no trouble interstate 80 in the sierra. and if you're heading through the north bay shortly, here's what you can expect. traffic is light across the golden gate bridge. also towards tuesday, a lot of mass transit systems back to normal and so far ace, muni, bart and caltrain reporting no delays. get traffic when you want at it's under the bay area traffic linking. >> thank you, frances. 4:55 now. the american red cross says it needs the public's help to collect blood. the silicon valley valley was one of four red cross centers open in northern california yesterday as part of a campaign called recovery 2011. normally the red cross isn't open on holidays. severe weather across the nation prompted people to stay home and january donations were at their lowest level in a decade. >> today happened to be a holiday because there wouldn't be too many people. i'm working today but it was convenient for me to come in.
4:55 am
>> it makes me feel like i'm doing something. what else can you do to save a life. i can't think of anything else i can do except give blood. >> the american red cross says 750 blood drives have been cancelled because of bad weather. >> persistence is paying off for the first woman to pitch batting practice at major league spring training in arizona. siegel may be waking a cleveland indians jersey but it's the oakland a's that gave her the big break. she was studying for her doctorate in sport and exercise psychology. she wrote to all the major league teams and didn't get a response. so she traveled to the winter meetings in florida to make her pitch in person so to speak. oakland's billy dean was the first to say yes and get the ball rolling. the ball rolling, see. siegel will pitch to the athletics tomorrow. >> the only job where they want
4:56 am
the batter to hit the ball as far as she can. >> it's 4:56 now. next on abc 7 news at 5 a.m. the first video of apple ceo steve jobs since he left in january on medical leave. also... >> a major policy change as the san jose police department has minority leaders applauding. i'm amy hollyfield and i'll have that story coming up next. >> and we'll show you the upgrade coming to thousands of south bay commuters to ride the bta. [ female announcer ] why settle for plain bread when you can have pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits? the warm, light delicate layers are like nothing else. add a layer of excitement to your next meal. ♪ bui've got a warm, fresh baked strawberry toaster strudel. see the difference? mmmm. i do.
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>> good morning. i'm amy hollyfield live in san jose where the police chief has made a major change in the police department's racial profiling policy. the story coming up. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in oakland where police are in a race against time trying to locate a robber. they say they know who he is before he strikes yet again. the story in a live report. >> a memorial service will be held tomorrow for two walnut teenagers killed on a rafting trip. >> let's talk about how chilly it is this morning. it's going to be warm this afternoon and tomorrow. we have snow levels down to 500 feet this weekend. >> traffic is going very well, mike, this morning with the bay bridge toll plaza live shot. but there is a fog advisory on the peninsula and i'll h


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